Cairns Fatal Punch Attack Verdict Revealed

It Took The Jury 30 Minutes

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Defendant, Timothy England (via Jesse Thompson of ABC News)

A Cairns Supreme Court jury took just 30 minutes to deliberate before delivering their verdict over a fatal punching outside Cairns’ Pier Bar.

The jury found 21-year-old apprentice electrician, Timothy John England, not guilty of unlawful striking causing death. Brett Thomson was struck after initiating a brawl outside the Cairns city bar on July 5th, 2019.

Thomson, who had a history of violence while intoxicated, had harassed England’s sister while England and his friends were celebrating a 20th birthday. Finn Devine-Cameron, a friend of England, had told Thomson to stop antagonizing the group.

That was when Thomson struck.

I told him that’s my sister and to stop, and he continued to yell abuse at her – Finn got punched in the face right in front of me,” said England.

CCTV footage provided to the court showed that Timothy England intervened in the altercation, throwing a single punch that connected to Thomson’s head.

The 32-year-old tradesman fell to the ground unconscious, hitting his head on the sidewalk and dying in hospital four days later.

21-year-old Timothy England found not guilty

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2 June 2021

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