Cairns Zip Lanes Spark Confusion On The Roads

Council calls for prior education

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Cairns Regional Council have uncovered a stark realisation on local roads, with zip lanes becoming increasingly difficult for drivers.

A new style of merging, the zip lane was introduced across the city in July 2020. The Department of Transport and Main Roads labelled them as a more efficient way of merging in heavy traffic.

A council manger of infrastructure services Gary Everson argued that more prior education may be required for drivers before implementing the zip lane across the state.

“One of the issues that any regional city has is that you get new traffic control measures that people just haven’t traditionally been used to,” he said.

“There is a period of time to come to terms."

TMR North Queensland regional director Sanjay Ram explained the rules, how “drivers simply follow a lane until it ends and then merge to the other lane in turns, like a zip, giving way to any vehicles in front of them.” 

“Zip merging can create shorter traffic queues, prevent lane blocking and provide a more consistent speed and safer road environment.”

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14 September 2021

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