Calling all Green Triangle livestock producers

Donate your stock this April

Ewan Grant

22 March 2019

Ewan Grant

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Green Triangle livestock producers can provide a “helping hand” to Australia’s flood ravaged farmers this April thanks to local stock agents.

The Mount Gambier Combined Agents have united urging clients to donate the proceeds of sale from one or more of their livestock sold for the month of April at the Mt Gambier Saleyards to support communities in need.

The agents, covering six local agencies, will donate their full commission, with Grant District Council also foregoing yard fees, to direct 100 per cent of selling proceeds to producers in desperate need throughout rural Queensland markets.

These hard working producers were crippled by a decade of drought and have in recent months been faced with the toll of once in a century floods, wiping out an estimated 500,000 head of drought stressed cattle.

Mt Gambier Combined Agent’s chairman David Creek said the working group agreed it was a matter of national significance which could not be ignored at a local level.

“We are fortunate to be in one of the most productive farming areas in Australia who enjoy secure markets. We recognise the devastation our northern neighbours are undergoing and it is a crisis we cannot ignore,” Mr Creek said.

“As allies in the agricultural sector we recognise this is our opportunity to provide a helping hand, by sharing the rewards of our work.

“We know it is a generous gesture they would match if we were facing the same dire situation.”

Mr Creek said the local agricultural community had a proud history of assisting community causes.

“When Australia’s farmers are hit with such a historic flood event we cannot walk away with our eyes shut,” Mr Creek said; “we have to provide a helping hand to not only keep households functioning, but local communities operating, stimulating economic activity to keep local people in local jobs”.

“These funds will go directly into keeping their farming operations alive. The association guarantees that one hundred per cent of the funds generated from this fundraiser with be directly injected into the rural communities most at need; helping farmers who have had their incomes devastated, unable to put dinner on the table, proceeds to feed their families.

“Furthermore, this fundraiser will assist to rebuilding family farms, providing support towards restocking and replacing important infrastructure such as fencing and yards, flattened by the toll of rising waters.”

Farmers interested in supporting the campaign can do so by contacting their local selling agent.

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