Calling all music gurus

This shop is a MUST to go to

Danielle Richards

28 February 2018

Danielle Richards

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If you're a music lover, a record collector and love all things retro then you need to visit:

ABICUS on Darby Street 

Abicus has racks of designer clothing, accessories and footwear but also holds a bunch of music novels, records and retro cameras. 

From Bob Marley to David Bowie Abicus stocks beautiful collectors novels that you most definitely won't find in a typical book store. 

Abicus also have a range of records where you can search from the Ramones from Fleetwood Mac. They're all alphabetically ordered.


The music section of the store is located as soon as you walk in the door, on the right. 

If you're looking for a present for the music guru in your life, then check out Abicus and you may just pick up something spectacular.

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