Calls For Non-Smokers To Receive More Annual Leave Days

42 per cent of non-smokers agree

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There are calls for non-smokers to receive three to five extra days of annual leave to compensate for work colleagues who pop out for a regular smoko.    

According to, the study by Halocigs surveyed 1,005 employees and found 42 per cent of non-smokers and 28 per cent of smokers agreed with the proposal.

While the average smoker spent the equivalent of six days annually taking a smoke break, the stats changed across industries.

Employees working in tech, wholesale and retail, and finance and insurance spend more than an hour and 20 minutes each day on smoke breaks at work, with those breaks equating to over 40 hours a month and more than 20 days every year for each industry.

The idea of extra annual leave for non-smokers has reportedly been company policy at Japanese marketing firm Piala since last September.

Of the 120-strong workforce, the change is said to have already encouraged four smokers to quit among the 42 workers who currently light up.

2 March 2018

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