Can We Re-Create Sizzler Cheese Toast?

The recipe has been leaked!

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As the famous all-you-can-eat Sizzler chain prepares to close its doors, the company have finally revealed the recipe behind their top secret Cheese Toast.

A fan favourite, the complimentary side dish has won over the hearts and stomaches of Australians country-wide.

Now, the recipe is no longer under lock and key at Sizzler HQ.

Revealed to include only 3 ingredients, thick cut white bread, margarine and pecorino cheese, recreating the nostalgic fan favourite seems only too easy. Or is it?

To test out the recipe, Triple M Bundy's JB & Jules took the recipe to the breakfast show and into the office kitchen.

How did they go? Did it pass the taste - and crunch - test?

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12 November 2020

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