Canberra Fan Shamed For Spitting At A Referee


20 August 2017

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A Canberra Raiders fan had a shameful moment when he spat at referee Ashley Klein this afternoon.

The frustrated Raiders fans emotions boiled over as the referees walked passed at half time and spat in their direction as they left playing arena for the break. 

There was an incident shortly before half time where a knock on call went against the Raiders.

Raiders coach Ricky Stewart was appalled by the spectators actions.

"It's not on. They (referees) do a tough job. It's unacceptable and definitely should be punished," Stuart said.

"They've got a tough gig. We've all got tough gigs though, but that is unacceptable.

"If it happened to a coach, if it happened to a player, and that's how we do accept the referees - they're as important as a coach or a player."

The fan was removed from the venue after the incident. 

Canberra were defeated by Penrith 26-22. 

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