Canberra Plans to Fix Brumby Issue in the High Country

"There's at least 14,000"

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Canberra is in talks to work on a plan to reduce the number of Brumbies in the High Country.

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley said she is working with other ministers on the issues.

“I’ve written to NSW Minister Matt Kean, and said I’m looking for provisions in the Environment Act to effectively require a plan to reduce the numbers.”

Since bushfires tore through the area in 2019 and 2020, the area has seen an increase of numbers of the horses which are damaging the environment. 

Canberra plans to fix brumby issue in the High Country

The Environment Minister said she has seen the damage first-hand and something must be done. 

“When I went up there (the high country), and saw the damage first hand, and got the official numbers…There’s at least 14,000 and maybe 20,000 so we have to work out how we can reduce their numbers, and we have to do it humanly, and obviously if there is any culling it has to be done with the RSPCA closely involved.”

There are groups working to rehome the brumbies from Kosciuszko and the Victorian Alps, and others advocating for the wild horses to be recognised as a heritage breed.

The wild horses have cut paths in bogs, draining the water making them more susceptible to bushfires in the summer months, and disrupted the regrowth of environments for endangered animals in the area.

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Triple M Newsroom

7 July 2021

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