Candice Warner's Hilarious Issue With 'Smelly' Baggy Green

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Triple M's Candice Warner has offered up a hilarious response to Steve Smith's baggy green drama, revealing the sport's iconic cap is the "most putrid-smelling hat ever".


Smith raised eyebrows this month when his baggy green, which he received in 2010, was seen in poor condition with rips and cuts during the Test series against the West Indies.

The 33-year-old suggested rats were the likely culprit behind his baggy green's ragged appearance.  

“I left it overnight in the change room in Galle like I do everywhere and turned up next day and rats had got to it I think,” Smith told The Australian.

Responding to the recent drama, Warner, the wife of Australian opener David Warner, explained how a torn-up cap isn't the only issue affecting the iconic headwear. 

"It's so smelly, it stinks. It's the most putrid-smelling hat ever... the problem is they wear it not just on the field, but after a Test match when they're sitting and drinking in the changeroom," a smiling Warner said on Triple M's Summer Breakfast.

"If there is beer or champagne thrown in celebration, it all goes on the hats. You've got sweat, and you can't wash them."


14 December 2022

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