Canine Attack Suspected In Mass Killing Of Burnie Penguins

Caught on CCTV camera

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A callout for public assistance has been issued from Tasmania’s wildlife authorities after 17 penguins were found dead in the state's northwest.

The request from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania follows an investigation into the fateful incident at West Beach in Burnie on December 31.

A post-mortem study has since confirmed the little penguins, died because of a dog attack.

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Parks and Wildlife Service state compliance coordinator Michael Spaulding said authorities are calling for the public’s assistance with the release of CCTV footage of a dog seen in the area around the time of the attacks. 

"It is possible this dog is the animal responsible for the penguin deaths," Mr Spaulding told AAP. 

"We ask anyone who may have information to assist with identifying this dog to please make contact with us."

Increased penalties were amended to the Dog Control Act in 2018 and 2019 for owners of dogs that kill sensitive wildlife. 

Dog owners could now face up to $5040 in fines, or even have their pet destroyed, as well as being held liable for costs. 

"Dogs can cause a lot of damage to penguin colonies very quickly," Mr Spaulding said.

"It is important owners’ control or contain their pets effectively."

- Michael Spaulding

Anyone with information about the dog pictured or about the penguin deaths at West Beach is asked to contact Parks and Wildlife Compliance on 0488 184 847 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Information can also be emailed to [email protected]


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28 January 2022

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