Cannabis Cream Could Offer ‘Breakthrough’ Eczema Treatment

Promising clinical trial

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A Melbourne dermatology clinic is hoping a world-first trial of cannabis cream will ease the symptoms of severe skin conditions including eczema.

Dermatologist Rod Sinclair told Seven News the six month clinical trial would examine the effectiveness of a synthetic cream made by Australian company Botanix.

“Cortisone creams are highly effective for the vast majority of people with eczema but there are some who don’t respond, or do respond but relapse as soon as you stop it," he said.

“Eczema is undergoing a bit of a revolution in that we’re now starting to understand the molecular basis of eczema, down to the individual molecules driving inflammation in the skin.

“To have new botanical agents that have sufficiently strong anti-inflammatory properties that would settle down eczema would be a major breakthrough.”

Currently, more participants are required for the trial, with results expected to be released in mid-2018.

One in three people will experience eczema at some point in their lives, with Professor Sinclair recommending the following self-care treatments:

  • Only have lukewarm showers or baths as hot water can aggravate the eczema.
  • Replace soap with products like sorbolene cream to wash your body and face.
  • Use several layers of bedding instead of one layer to avoid overheating in bed at night.
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7 December 2017

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