Cape le Grand National Park receives BIG Entry Fee INCREASE

a 36 per cent hike

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It’s the photo all the travelers, from the kids to the pensioners, are chasing. Pristine, turquoise blue water. White sand. The native kangaroo sunbathing against a cloudless sky. It’s Lucky Bay at its very best…

And unfortunately for those that want to take in those famous sights or visit the other highlights of Cape le Grand National Park, it is about to get more expensive to visit.

The State Government and Tourist Minister Paul Papalia announced on Sunday that entry fees into 32 State-run national parks, including Cape le Grand National Park, would increase. For Cape le Grand the hike would be 36 per cent. Before Sunday the cost for a vehicle to enter the park was $12.

A spokesperson for the Department of Biodiversity Attraction and Conversation said the extra cash will be pumped back into maintaining the park.

The WA Nationals are not happy about the move.

Their environment spokesperson Shane Love spoke out against the State Governments move.

‘Putting up the prices at a time when the economy is a bit fragile is not a great idea and we don’t think it’s fair to have done this at this point… a lot of people enjoy getting out into the country and now we’re seeing this mean spirited increase, which will just hit families and pensioners and retirees who just want to take a holiday in WA’

Sean covered the story on the Breakfast Show, including a revised WA Tourism Advert at 5 minutes into the following


There is conjecture the national park entry fee hike was introduced by the State Government to take advantage of the influx of cashed up foreign visitors to WA. Unfortunately, this will come at a cost for the local or domestic traveler.

Sean Lindsay

12 September 2019

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Sean Lindsay

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