Carlton Has Given An Update On Alex Fasolo

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Cassie Walker

28 January 2019

Cassie Walker

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Following reports yesterday of injury, Carlton have issued a statement on Alex Fasolo following a fall he had on Saturday night.

The statement confirms he's sustained a fracture in his left arm, with Alex stating "I'm incredibly embarrassed by what has happened".

Read the statement from Carlton Football Club:

Carlton Football Club can confirm details in relation to an incident on Saturday night involving Alex Fasolo in which he sustained a fractured radius to his left arm.

Fasolo was at a residence in Richmond when he fell outside the front of the property and used his arm to break the fall.

Fasolo immediately notified the Club at the time of the incident. He acknowledged he had consumed alcohol and while remorseful of his actions, he is aware his behaviour directly contradicts the elite standards demanded by his teammates and the Carlton Football Club.

“I’m incredibly embarrassed by what has happened. I know the next few months ahead are all about doing everything I can to regain the respect of my teammates, coaches, members and supporters, and all those involved with the club,” Fasolo said.

“I certainly regret the behaviour that led to this injury, particularly since the Club has been nothing but supportive of me since I came across last year. I’m now fully focused on my recovery and hope to be out on the track as soon as possible.”

Carlton Head of Football Brad Lloyd acknowledged that Fasolo made a mistake and said the club would continue to support the forward.

“There’s no doubt Alex made an error in judgement on Saturday night and he has certainly acknowledged that.

“As a Club we remain committed to supporting Alex, and he feels the remorse more than anyone, however we also remain committed to the standards we hold ourselves accountable to, as part of being in an elite, professional sporting environment.


“We know Alex will use this as a driver to improve and win back the trust of all those who have worked closely with him since his arrival at the Blues last year,” Lloyd said.


Any potential level of sanction as a result of this incident is yet to be determined.

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