Carnival is Over for Speeding Kia Driver

Police Catch Speeding Drivers

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A number of drivers have been caught speeding over the weekend on our state’s roads.

One man, aged 33, was issued an infringement notice after officers detected him travelling at 154km/h in a 100 zone.

Initially it was thought that the driver was travelling at 254km/h according to NSW Police Media, surprising for the ‘people mover’ that is generally found at a soccer field, but it was later confirmed as a typo.

The man was driving a Kia Carnival along the Pacific Highway at Coolongolook, when he was stopped at 5:17pm on Saturday.

Along with the infringement notice for exceed speed (over 45km/h), his license was also suspended for six months.

In a separate incident, an unaccompanied learner-driver was caught speeding around 9:50pm on Saturday night.

The 19 year old was stopped by officers attached to the the Manning-Great Lakes Highway Patrol when her VW Polo was detected driving approximately 170km/h in a 100km/h zone.

Her licence was suspended on the spot and she was charged with exceed speed (over 45km/h), unaccompanied learner, no ‘L’ plates, not keep left on road with speed limit about 80km/h.

29 June 2020

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