Celebrate 100 Years Of Rook Walk Next Tuesday!

A significant occasion for the community

20 November 2018

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City of Mount Gambier

Next Tuesday marks 100 years since the historical moment that saw Mount Gambier come to a standstill as more than 2000 people assembled at the lakes area to take part in the greatest 1 day community effort in the city's history. 

Rook Walk was built as part of a beautification of the lakes scheme, organised by hotelier Arthur Rook and the progress association, on the 27th November, 1918. The event was significant as it drew together the community following the end of the First World War. 

It was a time of sorrow and conflict but out of that grew hope and unity.

- Mount Gambier History Group member, Lynn Lowe

The Mount Gambier History Group and City of Mount Gambier are calling on the community to share stories of their family history to celebrate the centenary of Rook Walk next Tuesday on this historical occasion. 

Listen to Ewan's chat with Denise Richardson below to find out more about the event, its significance, and how you can be involved: 



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