Central Coast Lockdown “Cannot Be Ended”

Paddy & Rob Palmer

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Central Coast Lockdown “Cannot Be Ended”

Adam Crouch MP joined Paddy & Rob Palmer on Triple M as the bearer of bad news, reporting this morning that the Central Coast’s lockdown cannot be ended.

This is due to the unbelievable selfishness of approximately 150 local residents that attended the “anti lockdown” Freedom protest in Sydney on Saturday. This is also due to the 5 new local cases announced over the weekend, and the 18 exposure sites on the northern end of the Coast. Unfortunately the Health risk is just too high, predicting the lockdown will be extended for at least 2 weeks due to the incubation period after the protests in Sydney.

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With thousands of people out of work we got some insight on what happens if someone denies the Centrelink claim? Explaining that Services Australia is the first point of call for individuals and Services NSW is the first point of call for business.

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27 July 2021

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