Chamber Furious Over TAFE NSW Job News

A bitter blow

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It comes as a bitter blow for Griffith’s already damaged economy as 60 higher income individuals and their families were promised to be decentralised by TAFE NSW to Griffith.

According to Chamber’s President Paul Pierotti this is due to Griffith City Council mismanagement.

“TAFE have blamed Griffith’s housing crisis, skills gap and lack of strategic plans to address issues. These 60 Executive jobs would have been the necessary economic driver that our seriously damaged economy needed”.

Despite Ministerial announcements during the middle of an election campaign - announcing this move to Griffith, TAFE NSW have now said that they are pulling the 60 new jobs out of the Griffith. Even though they have already repurposed a building near the Griffith TAFE Wine Centre.

“I believe that this fiasco is primarily Griffith City Council’s fault due to blatant mismanagement, neglect and exceptionally poor planning”.

“TAFE making the claim that 60 new jobs that are now going to Tamworth is coincidental and not related, seems fanciful and difficult to believe”.

Mr Pierotti is furious at Griffith City Council’s inability to address the housing crisis as identified by Dr Judith Stubbs with a recent study shockingly identifying 2,175 homeless people and 2,796 marginally housed people in Griffith.

“These alarming statistics and the low number of new housing construction has been continually brought to Griffith City Council’s attention by Griffith Business Chamber, with nothing but abuse in return”.

“This neglect creates more pressure on Griffith’s known skills gaps. This poor planning is evident in Griffith City Councils Investment prospectus, which looks like an advertising brochure- compared to Tamworth’s professional Economic Blue Print”.

“Council’s claim that that it is not up to them, but it is up to developers is blatant ‘passing the buck’ and borders on fiscal and social negligence”.

“The difference in professionalism and planning can only be described as embarrassing. General Manager Brett Stonestreet should step down from his position at Griffith City Council due to 60 new job losses”. 

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26 November 2020

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