Chance Of Storms For The Rest Of The Week In Townsville

Take it easy on the roads!

Triple M Townsville

6 March 2019

Triple M Townsville

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Today we'll reach a top of 31 with a 50% chance of showers and storms most likely in the late arvo and evening. 

Friday's forecast has an increased chance of showers (80%) and a possible thunderstorm on the cards too. 

We'll see a bit more sun over the weekend, with skies clearing on Sunday into Monday. 

While the thundering skies hang around, make sure you're taking extra care on the roads and looking after pets who may be frightened by the weather events. 

Yesterday's heavy rain has given our Ross River Dam a 1% increase and is currently at 101% as of 7am Thursday March 7. 

The recent rains also mean that our water restrictions have eased and we can now use sprinklers and irrigation systems from 5pm-8am on allocated days. 

Odds and evens system applies and has been activate since Friday, March 3. 

Odds:Wednesday, Friday, Monday 
Evens:Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

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