Channel 7 Fell For Betoota Advocate Article In BBL Coverage

They've stuffed this up!

3 January 2019

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Channel 7 aren't the first or the last media organisation to fall for The Betoota Advocate, but this one is a shocker...

The satirical newspaper - 'based' out of Queensland ghost town of Betoota - ran a story about banned Australian cricket Cameron Bancroft that somehow featured in the Big Bash coverage last night.

With Bancroft coming to the crease to bat for the Perth Scorchers, Channel 7 put up facts about the batsman; including the bizarre report that he had returned to the band Tame Impala as the kazoo player.

The Betoota Advocate swiftly jumped on the error, accusing 7 of stealing their hard-earned 'exclusives'.


"Once again the mainstream media feels entitled enough to repackage our investigative journalism and republish it as their own," the caption reads.

"@cbancroft4 rejoining @tame__impala was a story we exclusively broke last year and our reporters deserve the credit for their many hours of hard work. This is totally unacceptable."

For the record, Bancroft was never in Tame Impala nor has any public history of playing the kazoo.

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