Check Out The First Harvest Of Aussie Grown Hemp Seed In Griffith

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27 March 2018

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This week marks the first harvest of Australian grown hemp seed in Griffith since the government legalised the consumption of the superfood in Australia, last November.

The introduction of the hemp industry into Australia provides local Griffith farmers with a profitable
new cropping alternative.

The licensed summer rotational crop will be harvested for its seed, which can be de-hulled, cold pressed to produce Hemp Oil and also milled down to create a Hemp Protein powder.

Geelong based company, Australian Primary Hemp, has been working in conjunction with farmers around the country side, including a local Griffith farmer to produce one of Australia’s largest hemp production.

The company has produced upwards of 700 hectares of hemp in the first 2018 crops. 

“We have seen an incredibly large influx of farmers interested in growing Hemp in the past 6 months. Griffith particularly has ideal climate and soil conditions, making it a great new crop to grow.”

- James Hood, Australian Primary Hemp Director

In the past year, Australian Primary Hemp has tripled its cropping program to keep up with the demand for hemp food products.

“Since the legislation change, we have seen people's interest in Australian grown Hemp soar and the demand for Australian products increase significantly, not only in the domestic market but internationally as well.”

- James Hood

Growing hemp can return up to 70% of nutrients back into the soil, aiding as a great fertiliser. Hemp can also remove man made toxins from the soil, while its deep taproots help loosen the soil and protect against erosion.

This Griffith based crop will be utilised to expand Australian Primary Hemp’s product line to include; hulled hemp seeds, a hemp protein fibre blend, a +50% hemp protein powder and its traditional hemp oil. 

The company is looking to partner with more growers to further increase its hemp production.

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