Check Out These Tricks For Keeping Townsville Lunch Boxes Cool

It's almost back to school time!

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North Queensland students are returning to classrooms next week, so it’s to prep!

Temps are set to bounce around the mid-30s as the kids head back, so we’ve found some hacks that could help to keep those lunches chilled.

  1. Freeze their popper overnight
    This will act as a cold pack inside their lunchbox and will cool your kids down as an icey drink at break time.
  2. Add a frozen sponge
    Grab a pack of cheap kitchen sponges, cut them into smaller shapes, soak in water, give it a squeeze, slide into a zip lock bag, freeze, and then add to the lunch box to keep items cool
  1. Use an insulated lunch box
    Hey- every little bit helps!
  1. Use insulated food containers
    If you’re packing cold items like yoghurt, keep an eye out for insulated food containers that keep food COLD
  1. Freeze the fruit
    Pack their fruit into a zip lock back, freeze it overnight and the next day it will act as a cooling agent in the lunchbox
  1. Packing is key
    Keep the coolness factor in mind when you’re packing the items into the lunch box. It’ll just be like a puzzle, or a more hands on version of Tetris.


Triple M Townsville

22 January 2020

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Triple M Townsville

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