Check Out This Bloke's 2.5cm Outie Belly Button If You Dare

It's... unusual

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Just when you think the internet couldn't get any weirder, you find out there's a bloke with a 2.5cm belly button going by the name of "Swirly Dude".

UNILAD made the discovery, propelling Swirly Dude - otherwise known as Mark - and his extraordinarily long outie to certain infamy.

"While my body is fairly average, one thing about my body that has always stood out (literally) is my belly button," Mark said.

"I remember first noticing it was different when I was around eight years old. My friends all had innies from what I saw at the pool or when they stretched and their shirt rode up.

"I'd see their normal looking belly buttons and then I'd look down at my belly button and I had this umbilical monster attached to me."

Because that's probably enough chat and you've come here to see one thing and one thing only, here's a video of Mark playing with his belly button.

Fair warning, though, if you're someone who gets weirded out when you accidentally brush your own belly button, this could make for uncomfortable viewing.

Mark continued: "I have no idea why it looks like this, and I don't think doctors do either. People often think it's an umbilical hernia but the doctors just say it's just a lot of extra umbilical flesh.

"Literally, my umbilical cord is still partially attached. Fortunately, the one-inch of umbilical cord does tuck away nicely into my torso if I push it in. It creates a cinnamon roll shape, I call it my 'swirly'."

Since it's 2018, Mark has now decided that the best way to celebrate his individuality is to upload videos of himself caressing his belly button to YouTube.

"Many of my YouTube viewers fantasise about experiencing my belly button live," Mark explained. "They wish they could meet me to poke, bite, lick or kiss it.

"Some folks have even expressed interest in being shrunken down and tucked into my belly button to live forever."

If you happen to be one of those people, check out Mark's YouTube channel here.

If not, let's never speak of this again.

29 March 2018

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