Chowing Down On Meat And Cheese Is Actually Good For You So You're Welcome

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In news that probably doesn't bear too much scrutiny, scientists have decided that, actually, eating red meat and cheese is good for you.

According to a major study, consuming dairy and red meat can reduce your chance of early death by a quarter - a quarter - and we may even be able to eat twice as much as is currently recommended.

If, like us, you need a bit of time to absorb this information, here's a photo of a cheeseburger to focus on.

Alright, now to the science bit. In looking at more than 218,000 people from 52 countries, researchers discovered that those eating the highest levels of red meat and dairy had their chances of a fatal heart attack fall by 22 per cent and their chance of early death cut by 25 per cent. 

Conversely, those warned off those foods tended to turn to white bread and sugar which is far more harmful.

"Our results show that dairy products and meat are beneficial for heart health and longevity," Professor Salim Yusuf from Canada's McMaster University, said.

"This differs from current dietary advice."

The current dietary advice Prof. Yusuf is referring to is the official health guidelines of eating two serves of dairy and no more than 70g of red meat a day.

But, Dr Andrew Mente, also of McMaster University, reckons we can be upping those numbers.

"Our findings on full fat dairy and unprocessed red meat do challenge conventional thinking," he said.

"It's protective up to the serving sizes that we've identified. We are saying three dairy, and we are saying around one-and-a-half portions or red meat, or white meat.

"Relative to carbs I would say that saturated fat is beneficial, it's pretty clear from this data."

Do with that information what you will.

30 August 2018

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