Chris Judd And Dean Cox Take Shots At Each Other

No holds barred!

12 May 2017

(Image: Getty)

Chris Judd in the box. Dean Cox in for an interview.

This never could have ended well!

The premiership teammates at West Coast went head to head in a great interview on the Friday Huddle - live from the Juddcave. 

"Now when we played together I always used to think you were a pretty charismatic sort of guy," Judd asked the West Coast assistant coach.

"It does really appear that since you've become an assistant you've become one of the world's most boring men!

"Do you feel like your voice has sort of changed since you've taken over the role as assistant coach?"

Coxy fired right back.

"Unusual for you to be in the (Juddcave), you haven't taken too many people down there," he laughed.

"How's your pool table going as well? Your record on that's not too good!"

Coxy didn't stop there.

"Finally, now he's starting to loosen up!" he said.

"He talks about how I've gone the other way. When he was at footy and in Perth he was the most boringest individual I've ever met. We had to get (Daniel) Kerr in to liven things up.

"Now all of a sudden he's got humour and he's out of his skin every time!"

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