Chris Judd Pays Tribute To 300 Gamer Eddie Betts

Juddy on his former teammate

Tom Beers

18 April 2019

Tom Beers

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Chris Judd paid tribute to his former teammate Eddie Betts on the Rush Hour this afternoon

Betts is set to play his 300th game against Gold Coast on Sunday. 

Juddy said that Betts is one of the nicest blokes he's had the pleasure of playing with and acknowledges that he worked harder than most to forge a successful career.


“He is just a ripper of a bloke, a very kind soul, very happy in life," Judd said. 

“(Eddie) has actually done it really hard, he got drafted to the footy club (and) couldn’t read, so he did a lot of work - not just (on) footy skills but life skills.

“I think across the competition there's not many players who’d be bigger crowd favourites than Eddie.”

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