Chris Young Wanted No One Else But Lauren Alaina on “Town Ain’t Big Enough”

And he was so right…

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Chris Young has a brand new duet out with Lauren Alaina “Town Ain’t Big Enough” and with these two talents joining forces, it rings true.

 “I love her voice and had done a couple of radio things with her and was like, ‘I want her to be on this song and she would be perfect for it,’” Young recalls in speaking to Taste of Country recently. “So I sent it to her manager and they immediately hit me back and said absolutely.”

The song has already become a fan favorite, and even Young is shocked by how easy it was to make it happen. 



“You sometimes ask someone and they will say, 'Man I just did a duet with someone else’ or, ‘I’m kinda between cycles on my albums’ and this one just happened to be perfect in terms of the timing,” Young recalls. “(Alaina) loved the song, which really meant a lot to me.”

From the moment the two got into the studio together, it just felt right. “Her personality is just so infectious,” he adds. “I mean, everyone in the room everyone was just having such a good time. We were all laughing and cutting up. I don’t know if that’s what you are supposed to be doing when it's technically a breakup song, but we were really enjoying ourselves and having a great time."

It's not the first time Chris has teamed up with the voice of an American Idol, in 2016 he paired up with Cassadee Pope with the hit song "Think of You."


Shania Twang

31 July 2019

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Shania Twang

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