City showing optimism in business and industry

"They are all spending big money"

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2019 is going strong and we are seeing some great projects coming online with benefits to our community. That's a clear message from the President of the Kalgoorlie Boulder Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Kyran o Donnell Jnr.

There is confidence in our community from all sectors and exploration is leading the way. There are projects that will attract local content criteria and O'Donnell also hinted at the establishment of a capabilities register to assist big business and link them to local business. 

However there are items such as medical and health sectors that require some attention as well as antisocial behaviour and the job market. These sectors are all factors in helping make the Goldfields a more livable area, but improving these area will make a more encouraging economy. 

Hear the full chat with Kyran O'Donnell jr below. 


Glenney Wilson

19 February 2019

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Glenney Wilson

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