CLEO FOUND: "We Found That Needle In The Haystack"

Massive news!

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WA woke up to the best news overnight. Missing girl Cleo Smith has been found and rescued by Police, alive and well.

Massive news!

This morning, Basil and Xav spoke with Deputy Commissioner Col Blanch on the momentous breakthrough for WA Police.

"It's been an amazing morning. I'm already on the record saying seasoned detectives openly crying, openly expressing relief,

"Working 18 long days to get to this outcome that we all held deep in our heart that we'd get there,

"It was a needle in the haystack, they went through the data and found that needle in the data."

Just an amazing insight into how it came to this point.


Such awesome news for the world to wake up to.


3 November 2021

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