Climate Protestors Shut Down William Jolly Bridge

Another climate protest in the CBD

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Commuter chaos across Brisbane on Monday morning after climate protestors blocked roads in Brisbane’s CBD.

Police were forced to close William Jolly Bridge after the Extinction Rebellion group parked a ute at the intersection of the bridge and Coronation Drive.

Climate protestors shut down William Jolly Bridge

Protestors brought a kayak to the main part of the intersection and padlocked themselves to it, with a sign reading “Don’t cop out Australia, make a real plan.”

The protest is in response to the federal government's net-zero target plan that is being discussed at the Glasgow Climate Conference.

This comes after the activist group staged a protest last month in Queen Street Mall with small model corpses to symbolise the bodies of children.

The group has also staged protests across the country in the lead-up to the climate summit.

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1 November 2021

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