Close Call for Family in Coffs Harbour Caught in Rip

Family Ignores Signs Not to Swim

7 January 2019

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A close call for a family in Coffs Harbour, whose actions have left lifeguards shaking their heads.

According to Coffs Harbour City Council Lifeguards, the family decided to go swimming at the northern end of Diggers Beach on Monday, despite signs advising against it.

On social media, they wrote that the family "dropped their towels right next to the lifeguard sign advising not to swim at the north end".

Then ignoring the flags at the southern end of the beach, they proceeded to get into the water, before promptly being caught in a rip current.

Lifeguards responded to what could've been a tragic ending, but thankfully the family survived with minor injuries.

"The group managed to scramble up the rocks before needing to be rescued, losing some skin in the process", Lifeguards said.

One Lifeguard spoke to the family on site, calling an ambulance to attend to their injuries.

The latest incident follows a shocking summer on the Coffs Coast, where 4 people drowned at Moonee Beach prior to Christmas.

Lifeguards are reminding swimmers to ensure they always swim between the flags.

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