Coca-Cola Launches A New Soft Drink

It may replace a favourite

8 June 2017

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(image: Jasper Juinen)

Coca-cola's bringing out another soft drink!

After launching Diet Coke and Coke Zero, they're set to release Coca-Cola No Sugar next week.

It's all thanks to the massive issue consumers have with soft drink containing too much sugar.

It'll probably mean they'll lose Coke Zero because of a lack of cut-through.

Over in the US, apparently just one in two drinkers know the product is sugar free.

There's plans to roll-out Coca-Cola No Sugar in Australia with free samples going to two million Aussies at venues like the MCG.

It's also believed they'll offer downloadable vouchers on Shazam.

And for Coke fans worried about taste?

The new drink, five years in the making, is being marketed as the 'sugar-free soft drink that is closest in taste to Coke'

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