Cocaine Now Tested at Roadside Drug Tests

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2 July 2018

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Cocaine can now be tested alongside cannabis and methylamphetamines in roadside drug testing.

The changes can into force on Sunday to the Road Transport Act 2013, giving police the powers to test for cocaine in drivers of motor vehicles.

Coffs Clarence Road Policing spokesperson, Detective Inspector Darren Jameson said we can expect to see more and more Random Drug Testing on Coffs Coast roads.

“Random drug testing will continue to increase, and will soon be as commonplace as RBT”, Det Insp Jameson said.

“We know that the use of dangerous drugs and then driving whilst under the influence of those drugs creates a significant risk to the community and road users, and it is important to stop these drivers”, he said.

Other changes to the legislation include the raising of penalties for driving under the influence of drugs to the same level as high range drink driving.

Police in NSW also now have the powers to prevent a person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or another drug from using a vehicle.

Officers also can authorise the use of devices to detect drivers using mobile phones whilst driving.

The latest changes are important to assist in reducing road trauma.

Det Insp Jameson said, “Our focus is to provide safe roads around the Coffs Clarence areas, and these changes to the legislation we hope will assist us in undertaking this.

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