COFFS HARBOUR: Four Councillors Leave Meeting Without Quorum

Meeting Adjourned to Friday 11am

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Standing room only and an unexpected twist, that was the latest Coffs Harbour City Council meeting on Thursday night.

With crowds spilling out of the Council building, locals watched the debate unfold on big screens.

About 90 minutes into the debate about a rescission motion lodged a fortnight ago regarding the Cultural and Civic Space project, four of the councillors stood from their chairs, and left the chamber, leaving no other option than to adjourn the meeting for 30 minute as they did not have a quorum.

Community members parted as Councillors Keith Rhoades, John Arkan, Paul Amos and Tegan Swan walked out of the chambers, where they spoke with community members in the foyer and outside the building during this time, leaving Mayor Denise Knight, along with the General Manager to work out what to do next.

Just before 7pm, the Mayor attempted to reconvened the meeting, however with only four remaining councillors in the chamber, the meeting was formally adjourned to 11am on Friday morning.

25 July 2019

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