Coffs Harbour Mystery Councillor to Apologise for Code of Conduct

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PHOTO: Coffs Harbour City Council

Coffs Harbour City Councillors have voted unanimously on the outcome from a report into a mystery Code of Conduct complaint against a Councillor.

While the details surrounding the complaint allegation or the Councillor in question have not been made public, Triple M can reveal from Council’s own video broadcast, that Councillor Tegan Swan was not present in the chamber during discussions.

According to the Council’s business papers, in December 2019 a code of conduct complaint was received against a Councillor. The complaint was referred to a conduct reviewer to investigate the allegations.

At Thursday night’s meeting, discussions were had behind closed doors, however, when the vision returned, Councillors votes on the motion before Cr Swan was seen to be re-entering the chamber.

General Manager Steve McGrath then shared the outcome with Cr Swan.

The mystery Councillor, whom Coffs Harbour City Council will not reveal, is to be requested to “make a personal apology to impacted individuals.”

The Office of Local Government will also be contacted and advised that no further action will be taken.

This is on the grounds that “the Councillor has expressed an understanding of their actions”; and that “the Councillor has spent considerable time undergoing the review process”.

Triple M have contacted Coffs Harbour City Council for a statement regarding both the investigation and confirmation of the Councillor in question.

11 June 2020

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