Commando Steve Gives Us The Tips We Need To Shred Those Extra Kilos

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I think we are all guilty of using the lockdown as an excuse to eat what we please, to binge-watch our favourite series and to laze around reading our favourite books. Unfortunately, this means many of us have packed on the pounds and with restrictions easing up, we don't have much time to shed those extra kilos before our friends get to see what we've become. 


Well, luckily, one of Australia's most renowned fitness gurus Commando Steve, has been supplying us with online daily challenges, helping people to get ready for the judgmental gaze of the outside world once again.

This morning, the Triple M Network's Pablo invited Commando onto the show to tell us more about his online challenges, which have risen to popularity since lockdown commenced.

Pablo tells Commando Steve all about his own 5km a day challenge, while Commando dives into the significance of creating your own mantra & climbing those mental hurdles.


Steve also offers Pablo some tips for getting rid of the COVID man boobs and we find out whether his mates also like to call him Commando!

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Georgie Marr

2 June 2020

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Georgie Marr

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