Community Consultation Open For Proposed Smoking And Vape Changes

“The biggest preventable killer”

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South Australians have one month to voice their opinion on proposed changes to tobacco control and e-cigarette legislation in the state.

The proposal comes as the state government strengthens its “tobacco and e-cigarette legislation due to the well-established risks associated with smoking, passive smoking of second-hand smoke, and e-cigarettes containing toxic chemicals that can pose a risk from passive inhalation”.

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Under the draft changes, tobacco vending machines would be banned, increasing penalties and expiation feeds for breaking the law, introducing new smoke and vape-free areas and more.

The expansion of smoke and vaping-free areas will come into effect in the following areas if passed:

  • Within 10 metres from schools and childcares
  • Within 50 metres of patrol flags on beaches and within five metres of jetties
  • Within five metres of “non-residential building entrances”, such as shopping centres and commercial buildings
  • Within five metres of non-residential building entrances, such as entrances to shopping centres, government and commercial buildings
  • Within five metres of public and private hospitals as well as health facilities, such as aged care centres
  • Within outdoor public swimming facilities
  • Within 10 metres of under-18s sporting events if passed.

The state government said the legislative changes would become “the most comprehensive smoke-free laws in Australia”.

“Smoking is our biggest preventable killer and cause of disease and we need to do more to stop its devastating effects,” Health Minister Chris Picton said.

“We make no apologies for seeking to introduce tougher bans and penalties particularly where children are impacted.

“The significant increase in vaping among young people is extremely concerning and a trend that we must stop.”

Feedback on the proposed changes open today, and shut on Sunday, May 14.

South Australians can have their say here.

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13 April 2023

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