COMPLETELY RIPPED OFF: A horror Ponzi scheme story

"Sarah" shares her sad situation

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This morning, a listener rang in to explain the horror of how their family was ripped apart via a Ponzi scheme.

Even worse, they were allegedly scammed by a trusted family friend.

"Sarah" rang in to explain how her parents got blindsided by the so-called friend.

"He knows all their business, he knows the financial positions they were in,

"They didn't hand money over willy nilly, they had contacts in place for investments, and initially they were getting money back, and I suppose that's how a ponzi scheme works,

"My parents have lost close to $2 million dollars."


We can't sympathise enough with "Sarah" and her family's situation, but we can thank her for sharing her story and hopefully warning other people to steer well clear of these things.

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23 June 2021

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