Conor McGregor Challenges Floyd Mayweather Over The UFC Hype

'It will follow him.'

Ethan Meldrum

3 February 2018

Ethan Meldrum

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Conor McGregor has challenged Floyd Mayweather to get real about his UFC hype, saying it will "follow him for the rest of his days" if he doesn't.

Mayweather has teased a move to the octagon to face McGregor in a rematch of their much-hyped boxing match last year.

McGregor believes Mayweather won't stand much of a chance, but he would earn respect for trying.

"I'd do as I pleased against him," he told Adam's Apple in New York.

"If he does do it - I know he's flirting with it - I would have respect for him. I think it would get his earned respect in.

"He's engaging, we're engaging, so we'll see."

He challenged Mayweather over the hype, saying it will haunt him if he doesn't actually try.

"If it is (all hype), it will follow him for the rest of his days that he did not do it," he said.

"I said I would do it, and I stepped up and I done it...his time now."

He later said Mayweather "should" step into the octagon.

"I went into his game. He should come into mine," he said.

McGregor is negotiating what his next fight will be, suggesting Mayweather and Nate Diaz are possible opponents.

"I'm currently in negotiations to face my next opponent. We have many options. There's the current interim lightweight champion, there's an undefeated Daegestani, that may be a big Russian event, there's obviously the Nate Diaz trilogy," he said.

"Of course the Mayweather fight is there. There's many options. Time is good. Life is good."

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