Construction Prices Skyrocket Due To Delayed Imports

The Cost Of Living In The Sunshine State

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Construction material prices have increased due to the supply shortages caused by Covid.

With the recent importing delays, concerns are raising about the price of building new homes. 

Construction Concerns For 2021:

Regional Manager of ‘Queensland’s Master Builders’ Linda Rosengreen said framing timber has jumped 60 percent in price since the start of the year.

“And that’s only one cost high, on one job site I recently heard PVC going up 30% as well. So, these are big cost that builders are having to wear in some situations”, she said.

While the demand for critical building materials is increasing, prices for those materials have been rising up to 380 percent.

Chief Information Officer at Grafa Dan Petrie said,

“The fact is that there is a demand to live here in the sunshine state, and a demand …for the most durable and popular material, particularly for residential home constructions”.

Petrie thinks there is no end in sight for the price surge of these construction materials.

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22 July 2021

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