ACCC To Investigate Facebook And Google Following Privacy Concerns

How much do they know about us?

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Do you know just how much personal information you're handing over to Facebook and Google?

You may be surprised, according to the ACCC.

The consumer watchdog has been asked to look into whether the tech giants are collecting information in a transparent way.

It'll also look at the impact the sites have on the quality and choice of news we're served up in our news feeds.

The inquiry, which Tech Expert Trevor Long says is "a big deal", will look at how much we think Facebook and Google know about us, compared to what is actually being gathered.

"The concern people have is that when they look at one website, they start seeing ads for that on others," he said.

"It's because every single website has a tracking code built into it from Facebook and Google which enables those companies to get better advertising on their sites, but also enables Facebook and Google to learn more about us and target that advertising."

For those concerned with giving away too much Mr Long has the following advice.

"Facebook and Google have privacy check-up features on their own websites and they are actually pretty comprehensive, simple to read guides that will step you through what you can and can't turn on and turn off in terms of your privacy," he said.

If all else fails - get off the internet!

The ACCC will publish an issues paper next week as part of the inquiry.

21 February 2018

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