Cool Temps Easing Off In Second Half Of This Week

You'll have a couple less goosebumps

15 May 2018

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Winter doesn't officially start for another fortnight, but we're already getting teases of it across North Queensland. 

Since Mother's Day on Sunday cooler conditions have blanketed our corning of the world, sending us on a hunt for our Cowboys slippers. 

Now that we've blown the dust of them, it looks like we might be able to put them away for the rest of the week. 

Wednesday will see a top of 27 with a 50% chance of rain, so we'll still be feeling the chilly temps, but later in the week we'll be back in denim shorts with a Cowboys singlet on. 

Thursday we'll have a top of 28 with an overnight low of 19, before very similar conditions on Friday. 

Saturday we can expect party cloudy skies and a max of 29, and Sunday will mirror those conditions with 20% chance of rain.  

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