Cop A Look At This $67Million New York Apartment

Pocket change.

Ryan Warren

26 October 2017

Ryan Warren

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If you think property in Sydney and Melbourne has become ludicrously unaffordable; spare a thought for the residents of New York.

The average rent across the entire US is around US$959 per month, in New York City that number is almost triple at US$3,109 per month.

The glamour city is home to a slew of millionaires and billionaires, which we guess is why they can easily advertise a Manhattan apartment worth US$52million, or, $67.2million Australian.

The building in which the apartment resides, One57, offers 24-hour room service, a health club/spa/indoor poor, social spaces, fully equipped gym and social spaces, and is reportedly home to a few a celebrities including Sting and Denzel Washington.


Onto the apartment itself...

The 1,902 square metre, four bedroom apartment has 4.5 bathrooms, two galleries, a foyer, and a grand salon.

The 360 degree views of New York offer unparalleled views of Central Park and the Upper East Side, as well as Carnegie Hall.



So, if you've ever been keen on living in NYC and have a spare $67million, we know where to spend your cash. 


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