Council Comm Games ticket scandal

GOLDOC responds

10 July 2017

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Rate-payers are footing the bill for Councillors to go to next year's Commonwealth Games.

It has been revealed the Gold Coast City Council bought tickets for a number of events from a separate pool to the one available to the public.

City of Gold Coast CEO Dale Dickson confirmed the tickets purchased are for business and advocacy purposes, as well as for Councillors.

He also said in a statement that "some purchased tickets will be given to residents who may be adversely impacted by the staging of certain Games events".

"Councillors have until December 1 to advise if they require these tickets [and] any tickets not taken up will be returned to GOLDOC after that date," he said.

A statement from GOLDOC clarified that it is customary at major international events, "for commercial partners and Games delivery partners to have the opportunity to purchase tickets from a separate allocation".

However, GOLDOC chairman Peter Beattie said he wasn't happy to hear Councillors were keeping the tickets for themselves.

"I didn't expect that and I would think every one of those Councillors, because they've got a good conscience and they're good people, won't take them and they'll donate them back to GOLDOC and we'll put them back in the pool."

"Or at the very least they'll give them to school kids, community leaders, or they'll give them to homeless people," said Mr Beattie.

He said he was cranky about the whole scandal because it was damaging the Games, and blamed politics.

"There's a fight going on about the reappointment of the CEO and he sent the email out and somebody leaked it to do him over," he said.


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