Council Ready To March Out Post Flood Mozzie Plan

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Triple M Townsville

8 February 2019

Triple M Townsville

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Townsville City Council crews have begun monitoring mosquito-prone areas across the city following the unprecedented floods.

Receding flood waters and pooling water from heavy rainfall can provide perfect conditions for mosquito breeding.

Remember to use insect repellent, wear long light loosely covered clothes and remember to remove debris and vegetation from around storms drains and ditches.

Ground and aerial treatments of all breeding sites with increased mosquito numbers will take place after the water recedes to normal levels.

Townsville Local Recovery and Resilience Group Chair Cr Les Walker encouraged residents to be proactive in protecting themselves from mosquito bites.

“There is a high chance that mosquito numbers are going to increase following the rain and flooding,” Cr Walker said.

“While Council works on treating affected areas, I am urging residents to wear long and loose clothing, apply repellent regularly and check yards for items that may hold water. 

“There is the potential for mosquitos to carry diseases such as Dengue or Ross River Fever and if you do feel unwell in any way, you should visit a doctor.” 

For more information phone 1800 738 541 or visit Council’s Emergency Management Dashboard


Image credit: Instagram @fitgreystrong

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