Council Seeks Participants In Leeton Safety Survey

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We all want to feel safe in our community! This new survey will allow the community of Leeton to have their say on the topic. 

Leeton Shire Council is seeking for participants in the survey which will help ensure safety in the area, identifying priority safety areas. Hearing from the public is one of the best ways to understand the community and what can be improved or developed. 


The survey is already open to the public and will close on Monday the 16th of September.

The Community Safety Survey asks for feedback and will only take 5-10 minutes, that's nothing! You don't necessarily have to be local to the area either, Council are happy for visitors to take part as well. Safety is important to everyone and therefore involves everyone.

Results will enable Council to locate priority areas for safety and crime prevention in the area. Importantly, the survey allows the public to be able to share their perception of safety in the community.


If you would like to participate, click HERE for online access. You can also visit your library or the Council's main office where you will be provided with an iPad set up to complete the survey.

Stay safe everyone!

Jessica Ambler

20 August 2019

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Jessica Ambler

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