Council Urges Pet Owners to Be Responsible for Pet Care

A pet is for life…

19 December 2018

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Adorable puppies, kittens or pets might be at the top of many Christmas wish lists, but Toowoomba Regional Council is reminding residents to think first about the long-term commitment required to keeping a pet.  Residents who are preparing to give a pet as a gift are being asked to ensure the person receiving the gift was prepared for the responsibility that goes with caring for them.

There is always lots of fun and excitement in the first days with a new pet. But after a while the excitement starts to fade – a pet is a commitment for life, not just until the novelty wears off.

Council say that the three months after Christmas is the busiest for animal refuges receiving unwanted pets that had been given as gifts so we are being asked that if considering giving a pet for Christmas please make sure to involve the recipient in the process, don’t make it a surprise.

Take time to research what breed or type of pet will best suit them or you, purchasing a pet from the RSPCA is a good option. These animals are thoroughly health checked by a vet, desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and have been temperament tested.

Take into consideration the ongoing cost to the recipient – food, health care, exercise, suitable surrounds/fencing, housing and shelter – the financial and time commitment required.

For more head to Toowoomba Regional Council.


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