Council Will Soon Make A Decision On The Controversial Mount Wellington Cable Car

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A controversial proposal to build a cable car on Kunanyi Mount Wellington is currently undergoing assessment.

The cable car intends to create an exciting mode of transportation with limited environmental impact to reach the summit.   

Cable Car On Mount Wellington Council Meeting:

The project would cost around $54 million, and it’s been proposed that families will pay $64 per ride.

The proposal drew a record-breaking 17,500 representations, with most of the town making their feelings known.

Mt Wellington Cableway Company chairman Chris Oldfield said the project would not only take 180 000 cars off the road each year, but also do a number of things to protect the environment, such as taking wastewater off the mountain each night. 


However, it seems that the environmental impacts of the project are not the main concern for local residents.

Many people are rallying together to oppose the project privatising public land and making a profit out of it.

The Hobart Council will be reviewing Mt Wellington Cableway Company’s planning application at a meeting on Tuesday July 27 at 5pm.

The meeting will be live streamed on the City of Hobart YouTube account, and you can watch it right here. Alternatively, you can go watch the live streaming at the Mathers House. 

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14 July 2021

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