Councillors Vote Unanimously to Reject Planned Cuttings on Bypass

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8 November 2018

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Coffs Harbour City Councillors have voted to support a motion that rejects major cuttings in the Coffs Harbour Bypass project, and spends ratepayer funds to tell the wider NSW community.

The motion put forward by Councillor Keith Rhoades said that council support the NSW Government's proposed corridor, but reject the concept of major cuttings in preference to tunnels.

While speaking on the matter, Councillor Rhoades claims that noise from the cuttings will echo right across Coffs Harbour.

"The echoing effect will come down through Coffs Harbour and Park Beach", Cr Rhoades said.

The motion will also see a campaign instigated by Coffs Harbour City Council to rally support from the wider NSW community about the affects that Council believe this design will have.


While it was stated that 'necessary funds' be allocated to the campaign from the Communications/Advertising/Engagement budget, not once was a monetary figure mentioned, or the question of how much to be spent raised by any of the Councillors during the meeting.

Cr Rhoades described the number of boats and travellers that come down the mountain from Western NSW to the coast, and the change that scarring of the cuttings will have on the backdrop and in turn a downturn on tourism.

"We've got to let these people know we need their support to fight the government", Cr Rhoades said.

Prior to the vote, Coffs Harbour Mayor Denise Knight thanked Cr Rhoades for the motion saying, "I have been on the bandwagon for a very long time".

"The government are being cheapskates as usual", Cr Knight said.

"We are tired of being pushed around and being kicked all the time".

Only the Mayor and four Councillors attended the meeting on Thursday night.

Councillor's George Cecato, John Arkan, Michael Adendorff and Jan Strom were all absent, leaving the vote to Mayor Denise Knight, Cr Paul Amos, Cr Tegan Swan, Cr Keith Rhoades and Cr Sally Townley.

It was carried unanimously.

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