Couple Hold Wedding Reception At KFC Complete With Gravy Fountain

Potato and gravy and nuptials

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We've all thought about it, but one couple in the UK actually did it; they held their legitimate wedding reception at their local KFC.

Cherish and Edward Simms from Worcester love 'The Colonel' that much, they decided to celebrate their nuptials by indulging in a few family feasts at KFC with their 40 wedding guests - complete with a gravy fountain!

The newly married couples were that keen on holding their reception at their favourite fast foo restaurant that they rang the outlet every month just to make sure it was ok to go ahead.

"It was a joint decision and we thought it would be a bit of fun. We love eating chicken and chips and we probably order food from there around once a week," Cherish said.

We didn't want a boring reception where we would have to organise everything ourselves so we thought why not see if it was possible.

"When the guests saw on the invite that the reception would be there, they weren't surprised at all, they know what we are like.

"We got in touch with the manager, who thought it was a bit strange, but was willing to give it a go for us."

Not only did the Simms and their 40 wedding guests get to indulge in some tender crispy fried chicken, they did it all for under £100 (135 AUD)!

We hope this is a wedding trend that catches on.

Ryan Warren

24 January 2018

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Ryan Warren

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