Covid Booster Shots Could Roll Out Within Days

Protecting our healthcare workers

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Covid vaccine booster shots could get approval next week and be rolled out within days.

The vaccine advisory group ATAGI is currently considering the evidence from Pfizer, which has shown a restored efficacy rate of 95.6 percent against the virus and the Delta strain.

Covid Booster Shots Could Roll Out Within Days

The booster shots will be prioritised for health care workers who were among the first to get the vaccination and have growing concerns about their waning immunity as the country prepares to open up.

A third dose of the vaccine is already available and recommended for the immunocompromised, however, the approval of the booster shot will ensure the general public will continue to be protected from the virus.

AMA President Dr. Chris Moy has said at this stage, it would be an added layer of protection for Aussies who received their vaccinations earlier on in the year and for frontline workers.

“It’s really important that when people are talking about boosters, that they don’t misunderstand that the vaccine is not effective. So having two shots is already extremely effective in stopping people getting hospitalisation and dying, and our main priority is to get those people who haven’t even had their vaccination, or have only had one shot, to get their vaccination.”

It’s believed there will be about an 8-month gap between receiving the second dose of the vaccine and the booster shot.

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22 October 2021

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